Over the course of multiple projects in South Africa, Sri Lanka, Kosovo, Macedonia, Georgia and Azerbaijan, PDP has developed a generic HICD performance assessment approach. This approach is based on Performance Improvement (PI) principles developed by PDL, MIT systems dynamics, and proven American and European Quality Management standards. Our approach

  1. assesses the entire organization as well as its relationship to, and alignment with external stakeholders and shareholders;
  2. provides for a speedy but thorough assessment;
  3. is customizable to any organization;
  4. is scalable to any size of organization;
  5. makes the strengths of the organization visible;
  6. provides the ability to diagnose performance problems at any level of the organization;
  7. incorporates a framework for recommendations that measure to American and European Quality Management Standards;
  8. packages recommendations to ensure alignment of interventions towards a common goal, and to create synergy effects;
  9. promotes cultural change within an organization, without specifically aiming at cultural change.

Recommendations are aimed at transforming organizations to promote continuous improvement following the project. This creates self-sustaining organizations, and contributes to the organization becoming less dependent on foreign aid.

This assessment approach is flexibly tailored to the needs of the organization. Based on the needs of the organization, a variety of assessment tools are used.


  • Klaus Wittkuhn was awarded the

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  • Project example.
    Re-organization of the State Education Inspectorate of the Republic of Macedonia finalized.
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