The three pillars of our work are:

  1. Taking a comprehensive “whole system” perspective to understand the environment in which specific organizations exist, in order to help them to thrive.
  2. Building efficient organizations that sustainably deliver high quality products and services.
  3. Developing and equipping individuals in order to make the best use of their potential in well designed organizations.

Our work follows an orderly, well sequenced assessment and implementation approach, integrating local people, and leaving ample and practical know-how behind to ensure that solutions are sustainable and people are enabled to continue to work with the methodology they learned while working with us in our projects.

In pillar 1, the “whole system perspective”, we follow proven best practices to rapidly identify and solve system constraints in order to prepare the ground for the organizations to perform in their environment.

In pillar 2, “building efficient organizations”, we carry out performance assessments of organizations, implementation of necessary changes, development and implementation of management systems, development and implementation of performance monitoring systems, and building management capacity

In pillar 3, “equipping individuals”, we train and coach people on and off-the-job to enable them not only to meet job requirements but to engage in continuous improvement of their work environment and their personal capabilities.


  • Klaus Wittkuhn was awarded the

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  • Project example.
    Re-organization of the State Education Inspectorate of the Republic of Macedonia finalized.
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