Services & Products

Service & Products
Our offerings are designed to provide clients with lasting solutions to organizational needs such as organizational restructuring, process improvement, management and measurement systems, and integration of IT with business. Here is a sampling of our consulting services and training programs:




Systemic and systematic assessment of an organization’s performance gaps and opportunities.


Performance Design

PDP consultants lead organization improvement projects spanning 7 phases (Align, Analyze, Design, Commit, Build, Enable, Adopt) and five dimensions of design (Organization, Information Technology, Management (Information) System, Change Management and Project Management):

It includes a measurement and management system that helps companies achieve and sustain desired organization results. The system acts as a cockpit for organizational decision-makers; providing them with timely and accurate information with which to plan, manage and execute performance of the value chain and the business.


PDP works with clients to develop those systems by: 

  1. Determining what organizational variables must be managed to achieve the desired results.
  2. Develop appropriate strategies and policies
  3. Designing an appropriate Management System.
  4. Designing an appropriate Measurement System that
    a) tracks all key dimensions of Organization performance and b) links all levels of management.
  5. Implementing the integrated Management and Measurement System.

Analysis and Design / Redesign

PDP consultants lead process improvement projects spanning 7 phases (Align, Analyze, Design, Commit, Build, Enable, Adopt) and five dimensions of design (Process, Information Technology, Process Management, Change Management and Project Management):

Management System Design


Given a defined business process architecture, this service is to design and implement a formal governance infrastructure for key processes that is integrated with the organization’s existing management system. This service focuses on the process level, but is often a sub-set of our full Organization Performance Design service.

Managed Organization (PMO) Journey

Assistance in helping management design an effective journey to becoming a process-managed organization. (continuation of the services offered in the analysis phase)


IT Alignment

Assist IT management to achieve better alignment with the business of the organization and more effective product and service delivery.

Lean Six Sigma


Puts traditional six sigma approach into “organization as a system” approach and focuses on projects that contribute to strategic intent or competitive advantage. Includes design of management system.

Training & Coaching

All our courses always are customized.

PDP Curriculum

Including Performance Assessment, Organization Design and Management, Process Design and Management, Process Mapping and Documentation, Metrics and Process Management, Process Thinking, Process for Managers, Serious Performance Consulting.

Rummler Process Methodology

This workshop is designed around PDP’s robust methodology. Taught by professionals who have conducted hundreds of successful process improvement projects (PIP’s).


Metrics and  

The focus in this course is to help you design sound metrics including the organization’s processes and learn how to develop a cpmprehensive fact-based performance management approach.

Participants will understand and practice using our management system toolkit to:

  • Determine management roles and responsibilities for reviewing and responding to performance information
  • Develop metrics based on what managers need to know about performance
  • Align goals and plans to functional objectives

Process Documentation

PDP has a published Documentation Standard that can be customized for the client. It is supported by Process Mapping and Documentation training.


Comprehensive training that teaches all aspects of facts driven management, including all current tools and techniques.
The training courses are available for different hierarchy levels.

  • Strategy Development
  • Management Basics
  • Management for Executives
  • Change Management
  • Introduction to Organization Design
  • Etc.

Just In Time


Expert advice and real-time instruction in all outlined services tools and techniques for   improvement teams, help in integrating different improvement approaches into a coherent methodology


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