PDP has learned that in order to promote more effective foreign assistance with more sustainable impact, projects have to ensure that the targeted countries have organizations in place that reliably perform at the necessary and desired level. Often this is not the case and can only be achieved via a systematic capacity development intervention. Based on this experience we develop a specific approach to support organizations to reliably and sustainably deliver desired performance.

Thus our expertise cuts across sectors and focuses on improving and strengthening operational performance of any organization and its people in both the public and private sectors.

Together with subject matter experts we conduct comprehensive Human and Institutional Capacity Development programs from start to finish. We determine existing capacity as well as potential gaps during a systematic assessment that analyzes all the factors that influence organizational performance. Based on this assessment, together with the targeted organization, we design interventions aiming at the biggest levers for improvement. Finally we support the implementation and train staff to make use of the new structures, systems and tools being implemented. Our experience shows that well designed efficient organizations are the ground on which people can make use of their full potential. Instead of training people to overcome organizational deficiencies, we focus first on organization improvements. That is the only way to ensure sustainable desired performance.

Examples of development projects that have been run by PDP partners:

  • HICD for Technical Colleges in South Africa (nation-wide system)
  • HICD for the Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka
  • HICD for the State Education Inspectorate of the Republic of Macedonia
  • HICD for the Bureau for the Development of Education of the Republic of Macedonia
  • HICD for the Macedonian Human Resource Association
  • HICD for the State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption of the Republic of Macedonia
  • HICD for the University of Pristina, Kosovo
  • HICD for the National Education Accreditation Center, Georgia
  • HICD for the National Assessment and Evaluation Center, Georgia
  • HICD for the Georgian Hospital Association, Georgia, together with local consultancies in Georgia
  • HICD for the State Care Agency, Georgia, together with local consultancies in Georgia
  • HICD for local consultancies in Georgia
  • HICD for the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Azerbaijan
  • HICD for for NicaSalud, a Network in Health Care Sector in Nicaragua
  • HICD for the Association of Development and Support of Microfinance Organizations of Georgia (MISO) together with a local consultancy
  • HICD for Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees (MRA)
  • HICD for Georgian Oil and Gas together with local consultancy

We offer our services in planning, assessment, design, implementation, and evaluation on two levels of different complexity:

  • HICD to nation-wide systems (e.g. Education System)
  • HICD to public and private sector organizations (including governmental 
    bodies, associations, SMEs and NGOs)


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  • Project example.
    Re-organization of the State Education Inspectorate of the Republic of Macedonia finalized.
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